"Deal With It" tote

"Deal With It" tote


Originally commissioned for issue #5 of follow the halo this piece was created by Saudi-Egyptian visual artist Shahad Nazer. Titled “Deal With It” the piece represents Middle Eastern women and their true power. The work is carefully printed on a delicate canvas tote. All proceeds from this purchase will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

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About the artwork: 

Inspired by her own experience of growing up in Saudi Arabia, Shahad's work touches on the issues and limitations she experiences as a Saudi woman and a woman in the world overall. Shahad has a huge imagination and often translates her dreams into artworks. 

Shahad made this collage artwork to represent women in the Middle East and their boldness. As she explains in issue #5, "I chose this title to represent Middle Eastern women and how powerful they are and that men and society should deal with it - in a humorous wa but it's a strong message. Mostly I try to translate my thoughts and feelings into my art, especially with anything that has to do with women rights and women empowerment. I just want to show people that women are strong, brave, and shouldn't be underestimated." 

Shahad is 22 years of age and currently lives in Saudi Arabia. She is a huge bookworm, lover of animals, plants, mythical creatures and of course food. You can follow Shahad's work on instagram @shahad.nazer 

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