You Are Enough Tote

You Are Enough Tote


Originally commissioned for follow the halo issue #7, this piece is titled “You Are Enough” by Filipino artist and illustrator Kimmy Elliot. The work is carefully embroidered on a delicate canvas tote. Each tote purchased comes with a limited edition print of the artwork. All proceeds from this purchase to go funding artists from the Middle East and North Africa region.

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This tote was made in collaboration with Kimmy Elliot, a Filipino-American artist formerly based in Dubai. Kimmy is known for her signature line drawings and dreamy illustration, and we are really excited to reveal the commissioned work she produced for this issue. Titled "You Are Enough", Kimmy created this work as a representation of her personal experience and relationship with culture. As the artist explains in her own words: 

"This artwork represents my personal experience/relationship with culture. I am half-Filipino and half-American and I've spent a huge part of my life living between the two countries until I was 18. It was a common feeling to never be fully accepted as one or the other, because I was never one or the other. I didn't speak Tagalog fluently enough or I couldn't understand American slang well enough. I constantly felt as if I was just that: not enough. The artwork represents that feeling of ambiguity and confusion that I believe resonates among a lot of children, teenagers, and even adults that have experienced the feeling of never fully identifying or claiming one culture or one people." 

Kimmy is currently based in Paris and you can follow her work on instagram @linesbyher